As a professional photographer for 20 years... I understand the overwhelm.

Does it feel like you’re…..

+ Missing all the kids' important events?

+ That a social life seems nonexistent? 

+ That a passion to create, is instead turning into hours sitting in front of a computer culling & editing?

+ That clients dictate the calendar with “their” schedule instead of the other way around?

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Inside this guide I want to share with you, 4 of the things that have enabled me to take back control of my time as a photographer, and create a laptop lifestyle.

Inside I'll reveal to you ...

✔️ The #1 pitfall we many times make when having a family & wanting to work.

✔️ The one word that steals away family time.

✔️ The thing you might not realize you need, but it's imperative you have.

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We respect your email privacy

I'm Kimberly!!

I'm a mom of two, a wife, a photographer for over 20 years, and I am addicted to growing businesses & helping others do the same! I believe that we can grow a successful business, while growing a healthy family, and I love encouraging others to never give up on their dreams & desires to do so.

I believe that we have to work hard for our dreams, but in doing so amazing things can and will happen.... that our kids will become better by watching us step into our purpose.

If you are ready to step into something new, that will give you freedom to grow a business & love on your family, click the link above and let's dig in!

I'll see you on the other side!